Creative Paintings

Decorating walls with paintings, creative artistry and innovative messages is one of ways for connecting with people of Khandwa. By doing this, the message is clear to focus on areas like tree plantation, greener environment, clean water, pollution free environment among many other necessities.

Gender equality

With the aim of promoting equality,liberty and freedom to all. The proper sanitation facilities for women by providing them with better community/public toilets. This another step towards mission 2020 ambitious goals. The focus is also on providing better opportunities to women at Khandwa.

The Turning of wheels

Slowly but steadily Khandwa is achieving its goals. Be it Vraskharopan,hygienic community/public toilets,Swachhtha Rath, etc. With,collective efforts made by municipal corporation and partners, the visionary mission of being among top 20’s is not far now. As,the proverb goes, “Rome was not built in a day”. Sooner than later, we will accomplish our goals.